Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sibos 2006 Dining

This week, I find myself in Sydney, Australia, as a delegate for Sibos 2006, a conference hosted by

Around 6000 delegates and exhbitors have gathered in Sydney, and I would think many restaurants in the area will notice their presence. From experience with past iterations of this conference elsewhere in the world, I know that booking a table in advance, is never a bad idea.

So, I have, based on prior research, secured tables at some of Sydneys better restaurant, better in the from the foodie perspective that is.

These include the following (where I allready have a reservation)
- Neil Perrys Rockpool, 107 George Street
- Tetsuyas, 529 Kent street

and, on my pending list (limiting factors=time+research):
- Guillaume at Bennelong
- Level 41
- Marc
- Est
- Quay
- Cottage Point One

Sydney Morning Heralds Good Food Guide awards may be found here

PS. I have really not had much time to update this blog in the past year, many delightfull dining experiences were had but never written up.