Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Era Ora mixed feelings

The plan was to have dinner with a friend who was on business in Copenhagen today. However, for reasons not revealed, he chose to eat lunch and go back home post event. Reportedly lunch was good.

I arrived, after a semilengthy walk torough Copenhagen, in Ovengaten Neden Vandet 33b around 18:30.

I was the first guest to arrive, and was greeted graciously byt the hosts in a plethora of languages, somehow we ended up in English, although Norwegian should have been comprehendable by my Danish hosts.

Locality, by the river, is great. Interiour is interiour decorator friendly.

I was greeted with a glass of Ca' del Bosco 96 sparkeling wine. Refreshing, followed by a set of biscuites which where ok but rather boring.

There is no choice of a menu at this place, you simply eat whatever is on the menu on the day you happen to be there. I have no problem with this, my inclination is normally to order whatever the chef suggests anyway.

The menu started off with Antipasti.

Rolled salmon with spinnach, cellery and fennel. Interesting, but a bit fishy,

Tartar of tuna with Carletti herbs and sesame. Refreshing and good.

"Gamberoni" on spelt and chili oil. Bland and sadly specked with intestines, thus inedible. Upon questioning about the dish, the truth led to an offer of a new try. I declined.

The above where served with a very nice, quite caramel smelling, Friuli Pinot Grigio from Shciopetto 2000. Very nice.

The guinea fowl breast wrapped in leeks and sundried tomato, had the distict mark of though leek. Not to interesting.

Pigeon leg stuffed with liver, fresh garlic with a mostardo de cremona (of vegetables). Brilliant.

The wine served with the above was 1998 Rosso di Montacino from Gusieppe Sesti. Terroir. Excellent.

Panzanella on carrot and ginger sauce with crispy leeks. Ok.

Gnocchi. Weak impersonation of true gnocchi.

Pasta with cauly flower, herbs and olive oil (and sadly) lots of salt. Not very impressive.

With the above a crisp Sauvignon Langhe, Gresy, Piemonte.

Turbot with eggplant pure and "crispy" squash was a disappointment. Fish fishy, veg sloppy.

The Chardonnay that followed it, Dolomiti 99 Cesconi, was good though.

The main main course arrived. It was "Tagliata" off beed with aspargus and dill. Not very inspiring, and the meat was overdone by any standards.

Cheese course, not inspiring.

Deserts. A simple spuma of limes followed by a "mascarpone" cream with pinapplle. I enjoyed the pinapple.

Finished up with a Ristretto and a grappa from Romano Levi.

Conclusion. I have had EraOra food in Oslo some years ago, at which time, it was way better. Some bright moments, but overall quite uninspiring.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Brasserie Philippe, Copenhagen

Had dinner with a coworker in Philippe, a brasserie located in the pictureque "Grøbrødre Torg", just of the main shopping district, "Strøget" in Copenhagen tonight.

Well prepared bistro style food, nice atmosphere and attentive service. Good value for money. I had a salad with hot chevre for starters. My buddy's prawn salad look equally appealing (and was reportedly nice). We accompagnied the starters with a nice half bottle of Rieseling.

We both had Roe deer with trimmings which was nice, but mine was a bit overdone (still ok though). Had a wonderfull bottle of Mercurey 1999 with this.

Finished off with a glass of Sauternes and Creme Brulée.

It seems I will not be staying here for the planned full week, but will return wednesday. Thus I seem to miss the opportunity to eat at Michelin two star restaurant Ensemble on Wednesday. A pity. Still the Italian classic 1 star Era Ora tomorrow is still on.